When planning and function is key

Joey Corso, Director of Corso Interior Architecture, created a space that combines the functional elements of a class leading brewery with a relaxed and quality driven café environment.

“Planning and function was key to this site,” said Corso. “We purposely designed the glass drop off areas on one side of the kitchen, and the other side of the kitchen is where the food exits, so there is very much this production line style.”

“There was a commercial decision made around what space is allocated to brewery and what space is allocated to running the café side of things. To get that balance right, vs seating numbers, was key to the overall success of the business and the operation of the business,” said Corso.

The thriving brewery nestled within the urban setting of Melbourne’s bayside suburb of Cheltenham, has seen an overwhelmingly positive response from locals and destination foodies alike, with Bad Sheperd Brewery Co. quickly becoming an establishment known not only for their high quality craft beer offerings but a space that welcomes families and individuals alike.

“It all needs to sync together,” said founder and owner of Bad Sheperd Brewery Co. Dereck Hales. “All our beers are unpasteurised, unpreserved, unfiltered, and I kind of feel like that is the way our service is too.”

“We want a place that has an ambience that makes you feel comfortable, at home, and you’re centre stage, not us. We’re not a pretentious high-end restaurant, we’re a very casual place, so when you come in you enjoy yourself and we enable that.”

Having only recently ventured into founding the business, Hales knew that getting it right was key.

“Our initial chat with Joey – he got it right away. It was very hard to find someone that understood and was flexible and immediately responded to what our needs were, cash flow, timings, understanding our permits and licences, he didn’t know brewing but we taught him that and he got it right away. Very flexible, responsive, and understood what’s probably a bit of a complicated model – an industrial fit out and a restaurant fit out and he got it.”

Corso continues, “Having the ability to sit among the fermenters and was very important. So the beer comes straight from the fermenter, straight into the cool room where it is a direct pull system. The keg literally sits behind the cool room wall. So it’s fresh beer – clean beer lines.”

In this short interview, Joey Corso shares his thoughts into material selection for the space and the importance of planning and function to create the perfect balance.

Watch the full video of Corso Interior Architecture’s Joey as he shares his insight into the design of Bad Sheperd Brewing Co.

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