What does trend actually mean?

Joey Corso, Director of Corso Interior Architecture, questions the role ‘trend’ plays in the creation of new spaces for clients.

“We’re in Melbourne so everything is really fast paced and people want to make their lives quicker and find solutions, to speed things up and micromanage their time and be really efficient, and that has transitioned into interior space,” says Corso. “It affects design and how we design and how client spaces come to us.

That is the state of play Joey Corso considers when responding to the question of how much trend plays a role when developing creative interior spaces. There is an in depth understanding and acknowledgement of current trends by the team at Corso Interior Architecture, however whether they play a strong role in the development of the unique space being considered is something that Joey questions.

“We know the colours right now for example might be really natural with forest greens and cherry reds and it’s important to be aware of the trend but not actually be in the trend,” says Corso.

“When you create something individual and unique and you have a really strong concept and a strong design intent then you nail the brief and that becomes the trend,” says Corso.

This commitment to becoming the trend has led Corso Interior Architecture to developing award winning designs through innovation and creative thinking to solve problems. Recently, Joey and the team were recognised as the winners of the 2018 Melbourne Design Awards for their work on CreativeCubes, which celebrates innovative and creative building interiors. When identifying winners of the 2018 Melbourne Design Awards, Consideration is given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality, all of which Corso Interior Architecture demonstrates with efficiency and impact.

In this short interview, Joey Corso shares his thoughts on the role of ‘trend’ plays in the creation of Corso Interior Architectures Award Winning spaces.