Tips on keeping a project on budget

Discovering the balance between great design and keeping to a budget is a challenge with a solution, says Joey Corso. In this interview, Joey gives insight into why it is not so much the materials and design that cause projects to go over budget but rather the size of the overall project.

“The design is important as it needs to look amazing and at the end of the day it is what we love doing, but at the same time, every job has a budget and we always respect the budget,” said Joey.

“In some instances, clients have slightly deeper pockets and they give us free reign be able to do what we want. However, for most clients it’s a reality of life that there are budgets and we try to stick within those budgets,” said Joey.

Corso Interior Architecture recently took out the top spot in the Melbourne Design Awards which Joey reveals was not necessarily from a high budget project.

“We won the design award on a project that was not low budget but where there were obviously budget restraints. So, it is about how you use the materials and the fittings and where to locate them in specific areas that are of more importance than other parts of the space.”

Joey says Corso Interior Architecture always focuses on making a statement upon entry and reveals that the simple formula is that if it is a small space than generally it is going to be a smaller budget because the less you build the lower the cost is.

“Most of the time the budget can increase not because of how we design the space but more about the size of the job.”

It is the Corso Interior Architecture philosophy to always respect the client’s budget because as Joey says, “If it were our personal project than we would do the same thing”.

Watch the full interview with Joey on the secret to keeping to a budget here.