Helping small spaces gain maximum impact

Chadstone Shopping Centre is a thriving and busy place at Christmas time.

Shoppers come in the thousands to find the perfect gift. Sometimes spending hours at a time on the hunt.

Within the vast walls of this gift epicentre is Rozzi’s, a 100sqm space designed to give shoppers a moment to rest and enjoy good food within a space that is no t only pleasing to the eye, but functional.

“It’s quite a predominant corner site and it gets a lot of traffic. The key to this space was really getting the function right. The client came to us with a really strong vision of what they wanted in terms of the psychology behind food,” said Joey Corso, lead designer on the project.

“The design was really based around a low line display of all the food, which is why we chose to put it on the lease line of the main walkway.”

“Space was really tight so we needed to make sure that we maximised seating.”

Being a corner site, Joey speaks of the importance of the back wall in the design as well as the kitchen.

“We wanted to create a bit of transparency. With the chef in the back it is pushing the idea that the food is fresh.”

“The space is based on the view to the kitchen being a frame with a tiered ceiling which starts high towards the front of the space and it slowly lowers towards the rear to create that focal vision.”