Discussing the four design fundamentals that make each project work

Creating the ideal interior space to meet the individual client brief is the challenge that Corso Interior Architecture take on with every new project.

Working across a broad range of commercial and domestic projects, the team work with clients to identify what it is that they are looking for and what success looks like to them.

This is directly from the outset.

In this respect, the process remains the same whether it is a big project or small. It is about listening to what is required then working to develop the best possible design to suit the individual needs of the space.

Director Joey Corso recently sat down to talk through the behind the scenes process, revealing the four principles considered when designing any new interior space.

“Our design approach is based on four fundamentals,” said Corso.”The first one being the Identity.”

1. “IDENTITY,” – #1 Design Fundamental.

“We want each space to have its own identity or personality, that is one of the most important things for us.”

“The second part to that is a functional space.”

2. “FUNCTIONAL,” – #2 Design Fundamental.

“The space needs to perform over a certain lease, or if it’s for a personal project it needs to be able to out stand time and be functional.”

“The third component is a sense of hierarchy and scale”

3. “HIERARCHY AND SCALE,” – #3 Design Fundamental.

“You look at a space and it needs to have some type of focal point and everything else feeds off that so that it’s visually more pleasing,” said Corso. “We focus on one point and everything else works around that.”

The fourth one would be simplicity.

4. “SIMPLICITY,” – #4 Design Fundamental

“Using two or three materials and basically repeating. A bit of repetition and order.”

It is these four design fundamentals that shape each design and help create the Award winning spaces Corso Interior Architecture has become known for.

“If we can nail those four things, then I think the space in our mind, works really well.”

Watch the full video of Joey Corso as he discusses the Corso Interior Architecture design approach and process, featuring recent Award Winning project, CreativeCubes.Co