Designing and applying an approach to projects

When people walk through some of Melbourne’s, and the world’s, most impressive and impactful buildings, there is an individual viewpoint that applies.

The way someone perceives the details and intricacies of each material used or texture applied comes down to the individual person and their background. Their likes and dislikes. Their preferences on colour and their taste for design in general.

Then of course there is the experience they have had moments before entering the space. Rushing through traffic and finding a park. Hurrying from work to meet a friend. Blissfully strolling in while eating an icecream without a care in the world.

When we look at design and the environments we create we look at the fundamentals in every case. What is required. The form. The function. But then we go to another place. In that place we visualise the space and those that breathe life into it.

We explore each person who is to experience that space and we think about them and absorb their challenges and unique thinking. We aim to create a moment for each of them. To attract, persuade and romance them to be consumed by the space and all that happens within it.

Sometimes the design is highly functional and serves a purpose that may alone achieves great outcomes for the consumer. However, it is the unwavering experience we work to facilitate. We take on the challenge and we work to always provide the best approach and apply solutions that fit.

Designing and the process of applying the right approach to each project is central to what we do.

Beyond the plans and the design.

Beyond the outcome and mapping of techniques applied to gain positive responses from each client we work with.

It is more.

It is a relentless journey that we go as designers and architects to bring about new ideas and concepts that lift of the page, materialise in actuality and flow from one generation to the next seamlessly, always factoring in the individual viewpoint and the personal outcome achieved.

When the final details are polished and the client signs off on the completed project, it is then that the journey of the space truly begins. And that is what we work for.