Corso Interior Architecture announced Gold Winner in the 2018 Melbourne Design Awards

Joey Corso, Director of Corso Interior Architecture, provides insight into the design and function behind latest award winning project, CreativeCubes.Co.

“The idea is to bring everyone together. Where everyone really knows each other,” – That is the overview Shardae Mazzeo gives when talking through the concept of CreativeCubes.Co, a collaborative workspace community set in the heart of Melbourne’s own Richmond.

As CreativeCubes.Co’s official Happiness Team Lead, Shardae’s passion and enjoyment of the space is evident through not only her reflection of the design process working with Corso Interior Architecture, but also through the feedback provided from the evolving CreativeCubes.Co community itself, each day forming a community hub of innovation and inspiration that forms the very essence of what the space intended to be.

When Interior Architect Joey Corso speaks of the space, he sees it though a different lens. It is an initial design concept that transformed cohesively into the end environment created. The careful balance between ideal design objectives and the clear client vision which must work together to create a finished product that not only serves the functional purpose of the space, but forms an environment that adds value and beauty to the lives of those who live, and in this case work, in it.

It is this balanced approach to the interior design process that has resulted in Corso Interior Architecture, lead by Joey Corso, developing an end product that not only meets the brief, but sees the space constantly evolve to reflect the ever-changing community within the walls of this once dull and lifeless building. It is this approach that assisted in creating a space that has been recognised in the 2018 Melbourne Design Awards in it’s category, taking out Gold.

“While CreativeCubes.Co is a community-focused workspace, the brief required a floorplan that encompassed the right balance of desk and office spaces to ensure a feasible concept. But this imperative could not detract from the overarching vision to create a community workspace that offered opportunities to work independently and a central nexus for collaboration, networking and after-work social gatherings,” said Joey.

“It is a space that works to create flow throughout, where every desk and every workspace feels like it is important. Because that is what matters with this design, and we enjoyed bringing it to life.”

The 2018 Melbourne Design Awards celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration was also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.

Watch the full video of Corso Interior Architecture’s Joey Corso and CreativeCubes.Co’s Shardae Mazzeo on this new and innovative Melbourne space.