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Office interiors

Creative Cubes Carlton

Creative Cubes Carlton Creative Cubes Carlton is a welcoming and attractive space that follows in the same spirit as its sister co-working spaces in South Melbourne, Hawthorn and Cremorne. It provides inspiring co-working, serviced,  private and collaborative work and event spaces for Melbourne based businesses and entrepreneurs. Project Commissioner CreativeCubes.Co Project Creator Corso Interior Architecture […]
Creative Cubes South Melbourne Interior

Creative Cubes South Melbourne

Creative Cubes South Melbourne A flexible co-working space with sweeping views of the city skyline that includes a variety of workspace options such as hotdesking, private suites and team areas located in the heart of South Melbourne. Project Commissioner CreativeCubes.Co Project Creator Corso Interior Architecture Project Brief Veterans in the co-working game Creative Cubes Co […]

Masizzim – Korean Restaurant

Contemporary design with traditional Korean elements Masizzim is a 250 sqm Korean restaurant that blends contemporary design features with subtle traditional Korean elements throughout its design.  Masizzim is located in the destination restaurant precinct of the Glen Shopping Centre, in Glen Waverley, Victoria, a vibrant hub for the local community created as a space for […]

Corso Interior Architecture wins best commercial design at 2019 Polytec Melbourne Design Awards

Corso Interior Architecture has taken out the top spot at the prestigious 2019 Polytec Melbourne Design Awards, winning best commercial design for the creation of the second installation of, based in the urban hub of Hawthorn, Melbourne. Following the award-winning design of the first space in Richmond, the team of designers at Corso […]

Moments that set design in motion

Corso Interior Architecture was borne out of an observation and appreciation of existing interior spaces, often discovered and enjoyed while enjoying a dining experience. On speaking about how his passion for design came to be, Joey Corso recalls sitting in these spaces and looking up with an air of wonderment of the possibilities. It was […]

Designing and applying an approach to projects

When people walk through some of Melbourne’s, and the world’s, most impressive and impactful buildings, there is an individual viewpoint that applies. The way someone perceives the details and intricacies of each material used or texture applied comes down to the individual person and their background. Their likes and dislikes. Their preferences on colour and […]

Award winning design expands as opens second location in ‘new urban hub’

Richmond was the obvious choice when founder Tobi Skovron set his sights on bringing his LA inspired working philosophy back home to Melbourne. Teaming with Corso Interior Architecture, Skovron created a space that has attracted some of Australia’s most innovative companies and entrepreneurs, winning 2018 Melbourne Design Award along the way. The expansion of […]
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