Back In Motion – Optimal interior design for optimal physical health and wellness

Corso Interior Architecture were commissioned to revitalise the Northcote branch of Back in Motion, a physiotherapy and complimentary therapy franchise that has been operating for over 20 years.  Located in the funky Westgarth end of High Street, Northcote, the business owners were keen to create a space that would attract the eclectic mix of locals that now call Northcote home, from the urban professionals, to the more bohemian creatives looking to improve their health and wellness.

“We wanted to create a young, fresh, welcoming and healing vibe, to fit with the local area and the overall mission of the business, of helping people achieve optimal lifelong physical health.  Our challenge was to avoid falling into the trap of creating a sterile looking clinical setting that so many other physiotherapy centres already have.  We delivered a space that is both functional, better designed, yet earthy and welcoming. Explains Joey Corso – Director of Corso Interior Architecture.

Through the use of textured wooden panelling, natural materials, carefully positioned indoor plants and a more neutral, softer, colour palette, the team at Corso were able to create a space that is welcoming, inviting and calming, yet professional.

“This is a healing environment, clients come here for treatments and self-care and we wanted the interior to reflect that”.   Explains Joey Corso – Director of Corso Interior Architecture.

The new design has also elevated the acoustics of the building and reduced noise. This was achieved by extending walls to full height and using clever dividers to create distinct zones within the studio.  Space was maximised and an additional consulting suite was added, so that more clients could be serviced at the same time.

The addition of modern storage features were well received by clients.  With a section in the studio neatly tucked away where belongings such as bags, shoes and drink bottles can be stored.

Further enhancements to the design included the retail area being merged with the waiting area so that clients could interact, touch, see, feel, try products, an effective tactic to increase product sales and profits for the business. Further innovation came in the form of custom circular shelving in the retail area, an eye catching feature across one of the walls that is ideal for showcasing products.

The Pilates studio was transformed into a light and bright space that still maintains an element of privacy, achieved through the use of a clever screen and plant foliage.

The new design enables Back In Motion Northcote, to provide holistic treatment programs to their clients in a modern, contemporary facility that compliments their modern approach to health care.