Award winning design expands as opens second location in ‘new urban hub’

Richmond was the obvious choice when founder Tobi Skovron set his sights on bringing his LA inspired working philosophy back home to Melbourne. Teaming with Corso Interior Architecture, Skovron created a space that has attracted some of Australia’s most innovative companies and entrepreneurs, winning 2018 Melbourne Design Award along the way.

The expansion of to a second location in Hawthorn follows the impactful introduction of the new working concept into the Melbourne market, departing from popular shared office environments to a dedicated community incubating ideas and projects through a collaborative approach.

Although Hawthorn was the obvious choice for a second location, Skovron recalls questions as to why Hawthorn was chosen over the obvious inner city setting for the in-demand concept.

“We know Melbourne is a full of life and excitement and creativity, and we celebrate this fact,” said Skovron. “We are also understand the interests and visions of the individuals and businesses attracted to the growing community. Hawthorn is the perfect inner urban setting for our concept because it reflects the aesthetic, convenience and technology that is at the epicentre of our flexible and evolving concept.”

It is design that has been a key point of focus since the inception of, with Skovron aiming to fuse the modern technologies that allowed him to conduct business at 35,000 feet in the air, with an aesthetically compelling and functional space suitable for both small starts-ups and large scale operations alike.

“The design of in Richmond, which is now mirrored in our new Hawthorn location, has been key to the success of the concept to date,” said Skovron. “We knew we needed something balanced and special so we contacted one of Melbourne’s leading design firms in this space, Corso Interior Architecture. Joey and the team just understood what we were trying to achieve and when the design was awarded Gold at the 2018 Melbourne Design Awards, it was a real moment for us.”

It is this balanced approach to the interior design process that has resulted in Corso Interior Architecture developing an end product that not only meets the brief, but sees the space constantly evolve to reflect the ever-changing community within the walls of these once dull and lifeless buildings.

“While CreativeCubes.Co is a community-focused workspace, the brief required a floorplan that encompassed the right balance of desk and office spaces to ensure a feasible concept. But this imperative could not detract from the overarching vision to create a community workspace that offered opportunities to work independently and a central nexus for collaboration, networking and after-work social gatherings,” said Joey.

“It is a space that works to create flow throughout, where every desk and every workspace feels like it is important. Because that is what matters with this design, and we enjoyed bringing it to life.”

The new Hawthorn space has now opened and is located at 600 Glenferrie Road Hawthorn. The space offers co-working, private offices and shared office spaces, event space, meeting rooms, the Timber + Greens Café, Rebel Monk Yoga and Mindfulness Studio and Orange Theory Fitness.